Auto Repair

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Auto Repair

Auto Repair  | Imports & More Auto Salvage  : El Paso, TX

Comprehensive Repair Services

We offer a full range of maintenance services to keep your car running like new. Our technicians are trained on domestic vehicles as well as imports to provide all El Paso residents top quality car care. We have the equipment and skills to do accurate diagnostics, vehicle inspections, and both major and minor repairs.

Our Vehicle Repair Services:

• Engines
• Transmissions
• Brakes
• Body Work
• Fuel Injection Systems
• Electric Windows
• Front End Alignment
• Single and Dual Exhaust Systems
• Tire Repair and Sales
• Steering Systems
• Suspension Systems
• Emissions Testing
• Vehicle Inspections

Domestic and Foreign Autos

We repair vehicles manufactured in the US, as well as imports of all shapes, sizes and specifications. We carry or have access to all the parts needed to complete the repairs. Our technicians are talented in repairing all types of cars, trucks, vans and SUVs. We work on economical cars as well as top end US vehicles and imports. If your car needs repairs and maintenance, we have just the team to fix it and return it to its highest level of performance.

Green Vehicle Repair

We do emissions testing to give you the information you need to reduce your car’s carbon footprint on the environment. We fix catalytic converters, oxygen sensors and exhaust systems. We also use recycled auto parts whenever possible to help limit the use of natural resources and decrease the pollution created in the production of new parts. We are skilled in working on the latest hybrid cars. Our vehicle repair services keep your car running efficiently to save you on gas costs while decreasing your use of fossil fuels.

Uncommon Repair Services

We will tackle repair jobs other shops will not touch. For example, we change tires on high performance and low profile rims. Our top priority is your satisfaction, no matter what the job.