Engine and Transmission

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Engine and Transmission

Engine And Transmission  | Imports & More Auto Salvage  : El Paso, TX

Engine and Transmission Parts and Repairs

At Imports and More Auto Salvage, we provide top quality engine and transmission parts and repairs for all vehicles both foreign and domestic. Our technicians are the best and our parts are top notch.

Top Quality Engines and Engine Parts

We offer the best used engines and engine parts for a wide variety of vehicles both foreign and domestic. We stock engine parts such as camshafts, crank cases, cylinders, engine blocks, distributors, pistons, turbochargers and valve covers. Our large stock of late model and older cars makes it possible for us to get you the parts you need.

Expert Engine Repair

Our skilled and experienced engine repair technicians solve both major and minor engine problems. We work hard to get your car running smoothly, efficiently and at its peak performance. Whether you request a minor engine repair, an engine overhaul or a complete engine replacement, our technicians will complete the repair skillfully and responsibly. We complete repairs as quickly as possible while providing excellent service.

Outstanding Transmissions and Transmission Parts

We have the transmission you need to replace your old, worn out or malfunctioning one. We have transmissions for imports and domestic vehicles of all types. We also stock transmission parts such as bell housings, clutch plates, differentials, flywheels, gearboxes, master cylinders, shift cables, transaxle housings and universal joints.

Expert Transmission Repair

Whether you need a minor transmission repair or a complete transmission replacement, we are here to serve you. We service both manual and automatic transmissions on all makes and models of cars, trucks and SUVs. Our technicians have been well trained in transmission repair and replacement, and their experience is unsurpassed. When we finish with your transmission, it will shift smoothly and efficiently and keep your car reliably on the road.