Used Auto Parts

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Used Auto Parts

Used Auto Parts | Imports & More Auto Salvage  : El Paso, TX

High Quality Used Parts

We offer the highest quality recycled auto parts on the market. Our auto salvage division provides outstanding parts for both domestic vehicles and imports. Parts are rebuilt when necessary; if they are in excellent condition, the auto parts are cleaned and thoroughly prepared for reuse. Our used parts will help you car perform at its highest level.

Economical Parts

Used auto parts save you money over new parts. Parts for imports can be especially costly and hard to find. At Imports and More Auto Salvage we provide all the parts your imported car will ever need. Even domestic cars are not immune to parts shortages and outrageous parts costs. We solve the problem with exceptional and inexpensive used parts. There is even more good news: high quality used parts are just as efficient and effective as new ones are, making it possible for you to save money without sacrificing performance.

Recycled Parts

Because we have an auto salvage division, we have access to a wide variety of used parts. We clean and recondition all parts to make them as good as new. What is more, buying recycled auto parts saves you money while helping to save our planet. Recycled parts are truly the green alternative.

Parts Available:

Engine Parts
Transmission Parts
Air Conditioner Parts
Battery Cables
Truck Beds and Bed Liners
Door Parts
Drive Shafts
Oil Pumps
Water Pumps
Fuel Pumps
Fuel Injectors
Auto Glass
Shock Absorbers
Heater Parts
Trunk Lids and Hoods
And More!

Parts for Domestic Vehicles and Imports

We have all the parts you need for your car, van, truck or SUV, whether domestic or import. Our inventory includes high quality used parts for any type of vehicle. If you do not see the part you need on our parts list, just ask! We have access to a vast variety of recycled parts.

Come see us! Buying recycled auto parts not only saves you money but most importantly saves our planet.